Angel Investors Program

NYNMA's Angel Investors Program provides capital to companies before their first institutional rounds. It also can provide bridge loans or co-investment capital for venture capital backed deals. We look for technology firms headquartered in the Washington, D.C. to Boston corridor. Typically, four to six angels will invest a total of $250,000 - $500,000 per company. Our Angels are 60 technologists, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and investment bankers who seek active involvement in helping their investments to flourish. We invested $1.7 million in 11 transactions in 2001, $900,000 in 5 transactions in 2002 and $250,000 in one transaction in 2003. Enter your profile in NYNMA's Market Maker and check the appropriate box to be considered for Angel investment. You may call Chris Saxman at (212) 785-7898, ext. 300 for more information.

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