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Technology Winners Circle - Company Profiles


By NYNMA Member Jennifer Kronstain
Editorial and Promotional Consultant

DataSynapse is accustomed to making bold statements it can back up.

"We're revolutionizing the way companies view hardware and computing constraints," said DataSynapse Vice President of Marketing Mark Roth. "We're providing a fully integrated operating environment from which they can run applications and web services but with far greater reliability, scalability and performance to self-heal than has ever been available before. That's why the company is a member of NYNMA's 2003 Technology Winners' Circle."

DataSynapse GridServer™ software achieves this by creating a self-managed grid-computing infrastructure that provides a high degree of application scalability, performance and reliability while optimizing computing resources. Grid computing has developed as a way to supercharge computing capacity by harnessing the resources on a network of computers, from mainframes to desktops, that are not being used at any one time by individual machines. This collective power is then used to speed up existing computing tasks, reducing IT costs and increasing business revenue.

DataSynapse's software goes this idea one better by concentrating this increased computing power on individual applications. In the process, formerly intractable bottlenecks and scalability constraints are greatly reduced as the network's own optimized resources are trained on a specific task such as a financial analysis program.

Moreover, DataSynapse's software does this without a complex and costly architecture. This effectively puts enterprise-level computing power - and the products and services it makes possible - within reach of far smaller companies. To make it easier to roll out these products and services, the GridServer solution integrates easily with legacy applications, next generation development and web services running on Linux, Unix or Windows systems. DataSynapse's clients often also record a significant boost in network performance, without increasing spending and development.

"It's the next big thing out there right now," says Roth. "Small companies can now act like large conglomerates without spending what large companies spend on their infrastructure and large companies can more effectively use their resources to drive real business benefits. It really changes how companies view their technology development and strategy completely."

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