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Technology Winners Circle - Company Profiles


By NYNMA Member Jennifer Kronstain
Editorial and Promotional Consultant

IntraLinks provides secure virtual workspaces for pharmaceutical and financial companies around the world. Using IntraLinks' secure, neutral third-party service, members of business communities can share information and execute transactions in just days where once it took weeks. No longer must the key players meet in person, or even visit each others' offices to read reams of paper before making a decision - now it's all done online.

With a client list that includes all ten of the top ten global banks and six of the top ten pharmaceutical companies, the little company that no one noticed six years ago has changed the way some of the world's largest corporations do business.

It all began in 1997 with the first-ever online loan syndication, conducted on IntraLinks by JP Morgan. Through hard work and dedication, IntraLinks worked to bring the rest of the loan syndications community online, allowing for rapid secure distribution of confidential documents. Today, the company estimates that over 90% of domestic loan syndications are facilitated by its services. It has expanded its offerings throughout the financial services industry, providing virtual data rooms for M&A; transactions and reporting and fundraising solutions for private equity funds.

Seeking other markets burdened with problems similar to those in financial services brought IntraLinks to the pharmaceutical industry. Drug development is expensive; every day that IntraLinks helps drug companies save in development time can translate to millions of dollars.

Now with top-tier clients in debt capital markets, life sciences, alternative investments and mergers and acquisitions, IntraLinks is well on its way to establishing itself as key to many corporate interactions.

The company reported $20 million in revenue for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2002 with new contract growth at 20 percent. The company experienced significant growth in financial services, with new offerings for alternative investments and mergers and acquisitions, and tripled its revenue in the life sciences market.

The bottom line: IntraLinks may never have been "the next big thing" per se, but certainly they are "the thing" now.


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