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Technology Winners Circle - Company Profiles

Juice Software

By NYNMA Member Jennifer Kronstain
Editorial and Promotional Consultant

Visit the Juice Software web site (www.juicesoftware.com) and you see a simple definition:

juice n. 1. A substance or quality that imparts identity and vitality; essence. Slang. Power or influence; clout.

To say that Eric Yau's company imparts vitality to some of the business world's most linear production set-ups would be an understatement. It would also be the reason why Juice Software is part of NYNMA's 2003 Technology Winners Circle (TWC).

Juice's enterprise software combines principles of client/server architecture, open standards and mainstream desktop applications to create live links between its clients' everyday applications (think Microsoft Excel) and their internal corporate network. These links permit real-time data transfer and analysis direct to spreadsheets and other applications, saving clients time and money. They also cut entire steps out of the linear processes traditionally used by many businesses to distill raw data into information that can power products and services.

This occurs without clients needing to invest in expensive new infrastructure, a key selling point in today's economy. On the contrary, Juice significantly enhances the value of a company's existing enterprise systems, says Yau, because its technology makes critical information readily available to business users in an environment they need.

In essence, information that once took weeks to compile and validate can now be put together in real time. Says Yau: "We provide a very pragmatic solution to a problem that has existed for a long period of time."

The impact this is having on linear, "step-by-step" processes such as those underpinning businesses like financial services and manufacturing has not been lost on Juice's investors or customers. Recently, the company secured its second round if institutional financing and now has 12 name-brand customers on board. Yau attributes part of the company's success in building its brand to NYNMA and the Technology Winners' Circle.

The Company recently attended NYNMA's Fortune 1000 Face2Face program as a TWC member and secured a number of meetings with Fortune 1000 technology buyers.

"The Technology Winners' Circle provides validation to the fact that we are here to stay," Yau said. "One of our key challenges is to network with the right people effectively, and NYNMA has helped us cover that ground quickly."


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