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Technology Winners Circle - Company Profiles

Partsearch Technologies

By NYNMA Member Jennifer Kronstain
Editorial and Promotional Consultant

Partsearch Technologies works with retailers, manufacturers and service providers to reduce the cost of customer service and improve customer satisfaction.

This it does successfully by providing model-specific parts and accessories information, software, and services where it's easy and cost effective to find them - online. That's why the company is a member of NYNMA's 2003 Technology Winners' Circle.

The company's mission, says CEO Glenn Laumeister, is to make the identification and procurement of model-specific parts more efficient for all end-consumers, retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and service providers. "I think we have a very clear vision for what we want to accomplish."

The company was founded by professionals in the consumer electronics and service industries to develop solutions to specifically address the difficulties in researching and purchasing original replacement parts.

In 2001, the company joined forces with retail giant Best Buy, providing its stores with the backbone that now powers its parts replacement initiatives. The cooperative effort included partnerships with leading consumer electronics manufacturers, as well as creating a supply chain - each being key to the success of the other, says Laumeister. The result: the Master Parts Catalog (MPC), a 25-million SKU listing of replacement parts and accessories for consumer electronics, computers, cellular and appliances. "They certainly saw the benefits of outsourcing to us."

Laumeister attributes Partsearch's success to its uniqueness, but also to the concept's practicality - it allows retailers like Best Buy, as well as manufacturers, the opportunity to provide a level of service to customers that has never been seen before.

NYNMA has also played a large role, he said. "We've been part of NYNMA from the start. They've really helped us attract top-tier investors, and the Technology Winners' Circle is an extension of that."

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